Hairy Dom

Who is Hairy Dom?

Close up image of Hairy Dom's hairy mouthYou may know me from such things as Twitter, and that thing in Switzerland with the clocks. I am a Sex positive, sapiosexual, Oscar nominated, bafta winner, dyslexic. Who is also Dom to cub (who incidentally is the other author of this blog and you can find her page here or on twitter)

The reason I want to write things on this blog are two fold.

  1. I want to show off my cub to the world. Not only how good she is at stuff like writing, but also how good we are together.
  2. I like sharing and expressing myself though words, even if they don’t make sense at time. This site seemed like a good place to start and in some small way, I hope others find some of our experiences helpful.
  3. Finally I don’t play by the rules and I like to do things my own way. This site is now my “own way” since we went self hosting. There is no pressure to conform or hold back on here what I write. Even if that makes no sense to anyone.

As you may have spotted I also don’t take things too seriously. There is too much heartbreak in the world and I don’t want to be part of that. If I bring a smile to one of you dear readers, then I know that I have made a difference. A small difference but one none the less.

If you want more why not subscribe or come find me on that there Twitter @Hairy_DomĀ 

Oh and I am Legendary at spreadsheets just so you know.