Twitter – The Echo of the Internet.

I have been on twitter in some form or another since 2007. I’ll admit I have no clue what it was for back then and only signed up because it was new. (I have a ton of accounts with internet things, the majority die on their arse, occasionally one makes it big like Twitter)

Anyway, I have a love hate relationship with it. Some days I think its brilliant and other days it’s a window into how exciting life is for everyone else. Yet I owe it so much and for so many reasons.

Reason Number Four – When I split from my wife I didn’t really know where to turn to so I could move on. I signed up for a few free dating sites but as a man I was always fighting to be heard against the inbox “Dick Pic” idiots. Plus, there seems to be an understanding that it is for the man to make the first move, be the more forward and then to be judged on that first contact. As a dyslexic that was tough.

I met everyone (bar one) I had a relationship with, between my split and meeting cub thanks to twitter. There is no swiping left or right, there is no dick pics to fight off in the open timeline and you get to see what people are like over a course of a number of interactions not just. “oh I like long walks on the beech too.”

I also met someone who helped me with my depression on twitter. Someone who took the time to listen to me and help me in ways I can’t thank them enough for. They have been through a lot themselves and to see them occasionally tweeting it nice.

Reason Number Three – It’s not about looks on Twitter, it’s about the brain. I guess this is kind of linked to above but you don’t have to see someone to be attracted to them. I know as a man I am meant to care about looks as a number one priority but that’s not me. There are so many more things I find attractive in someone than the size of the their *insert body part*.

I’ll be clear I am not saying you shouldn’t post pictures of “whatever body part that is I can’t work it out until I make it bigger” it’s just that it’s not expected. I have known people on twitter for years yet I have no clue what they looked like, where they were from or what they do for living but we got on really really well.

Reason number Two – It was the key to me unlocking my inner Dom. I started a “dark” account around 2009. It was a way for me to be away from those around me and to follow accounts I would not want showing up on my vanilla timeline for work/friends/work people to see. I started to use it more and more as an expression of the weirdness inside me.

Slowly it built up a following and at one point I had 1k of followers. I am still unsure why they wanted to follow me but I was confident, self-assured and tweeting what I wanted without a filter. To be fair Iit was often about sex intermingled with crappy jokes. The more I tweeted the more I started to look into other ways of having sex.

Here I started to follow a couple of well know BDSM practitioners after one of my tweeps went to their wedding. I was intrigued as to how it works and how people got a kick out of it. Yet the more I looked into this world the more it resonated with me. The more BDSM people I followed until I had my first online sub. Which was nice if very odd.

Reason Number One – cub! Were it not for Twitter I would not have met cub. I would not be in love with this most amazing and wonderful person. What started as mild flirting and random conversation about god know what (cakes probably), has become one of the most satisfying and open relationships I could ever have. (by open I mean with each other not open to others).  I owe twitter my happiness because of cub.

We don’t tweet each other as much now, well we have so many other ways of communicating. I seldom tweet us less I can’t get hold of cub or I just want to see what’s going on. Even then they are not up to my one-time standard of witty 140 character of joyfulness. I think twitter is not the place it once was. The proliferation of adverts, the intent to not show the timeline in chronological order and it’s shuttering of its own services (tweetdeck client).

I have gone through so many profiles on twitter, and followed so many and tweeted so many times I lost count. There have been people I have stuck with, people who have gone by the way side and people who got the wrong end of the stick on so many occasions. Yet I am still here tweeting what the hell I want and this time I have a wingcub… if that’s a thing?! So thank you twitter.


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