Twisted Enigma

In a couple of weeks cub and I are off to Twisted, a new event for us. It will be the first time we have been to a mixed play event for a very long time. I think the last time we were at a mixed event was way back in the day and it was our first EVER event. So it was both nerve wracking and quite the overload of the senses.

Since then our main play events, are all male Dom and Female sub lead. This means we don’t ever get to see the other side of the scene (well, except for the occasional image on twitter or fetlife). I think we have become used to just seeing, and frankly hearing, only women tired up and being played with. It’s certainly going to be fun to see and hear something different.

Cub has said before that she thinks we might be missing out by not hanging out with Female Dommes and Male submissive. I am sure we are missing out on understanding more about how the other half live. I am also sure you never stop learning, so we could pick up a thing or two for future use.

Twisted will also be a kind of double date as it were, as we will be going with the young lady we have been getting to know recently and her partner. We haven’t discussed much about the date apart from who is going and what time everyone will be there. This is however a significant step in our relationship with her and for us.

Throughout our dates we have discussed many subjects from the philosophical to the scatological. Can you guess which one of those I bought to the table? Yet we have never really discussed playing in depth. There has been the “what’s in the kit bag” type questions but nothing more.

I guess we are still unsure what she wants from knowing us. I know that sounds like there has to be some sort of pay-off, but what I mean is she looking for friends, lovers or play partners. What do we mean to her at this moment in time? It’s all one big enigma at the moment but each step we take pushes us forward into new territory. Territory which uncharted for us both.

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  1. We haven’t been to Twisted and probably should put it on our list. I look forward to hearing more once you have been. Be great to hear how things go with the new lady (and her partner) there.

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