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Recently I rediscovered Tumblr and it’s arty world of often in b&w porn. Having not visited for a long time I took my time to go though my feed, if that’s what it’s called, to find images which I found either interesting or sexy.

If you follow me on twitter I’m sure you’ll have noticed I have set some up in my queue to post over the last few weeks. I have no idea when they post except, when I get bong on my phone to say either someone’s liked, retweeted or reacted in some way.

What I have noticed a certain type of image seems to get the most responses. They are linked not by contrast, colour or composition but the subject matter. It will have two people, although you’ll only probably see parts of them. The arm/hand of the male and the neck of the the female. I am of course talking about something like this:




The power play is evident between the two parties. His control of her soft neck and breathing, against her willingness to allow him to be in control. Her pleasure displayed by the shape of the mouth along with the evidence of an arched back, as she enjoys his touch.

All this from just one image. An image which so many people seem to connect to. An image which portrays the D/s relationship of this couple. An image which has caught an interaction unlike which, is rarely seen outside of D/s and when it is its not passion or power or even happiness. It’s darker undertones which “normal” people see.

Yet for some, its those undertones which is part of the thrill of this act. For others it’s power. For others, it could be… Well anything. People can find all-sorts of things as a turn on. As the old saying goes – Your kink is not my kink, but that’s OK. I’d be interested in what people get from ┬áthe feeling of a hand around the neck? Is is a turn on and if so why?


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