This bear craves 


verb (used with object), craved, crav·ing.

  1. to long for; want greatly; desire eagerly: to crave sweets; to crave affection.
  2. to require; need: a problem craving prompt attention.

There are many things which I crave on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Not sure there are any yearly ones, well apart from turkey on Christmas day but I sometimes want turkey in July… Mmm dry meat. Anyway, I guess as this is not a cookery blog I better talk about something a little deeper.

As you will know I don’t live with cub. We live around 90 minutes apart. This means the first thing I crave will be her, her cuddles, her body, her mind, her mouth, her cunt and her eggs… Man she has lots of eggs. So many things to do with eggs, I do like a nice hard-boiled egg but I digress.

Being with cub makes me so happy and takes me away from the humdrum of life. So, when I crave her and the things listed I also crave time away from life. A time when we are just us and other things don’t matter… most of the time. Sure, life often throws up shit, but we deal and move on. Again, I digress. Let’s go back to craves and let’s go big

I crave an easy life. One not filled with drama, heartache and stress. A life where things are not a struggle and come easily and naturally. Where the people around me are happy and chilled.  Where I can make people’s lives even happier than I can now. That’s not too much to ask?

Moving on to food cravings. Having never been pregnant (yes, I know not every pregnant person gets cravings) I don’t really get then. Sure, there are times I would like a certain food or liquid. Yet most of the time I’m not banging down the door to get my hands on it. This goes with my generally chilled nature.

Part of this chilled life, beings me back to cub. This weekend I craved one thing above all things. Kisses. We couldn’t have them at all, which was difficult to deal with. There is nothing like a good kiss and cub is a good kisser. So, while I do not crave this often as I can have itu any time I see her, last week it was a craving, a need and certainly a want.

There you have it. I am not sure you have learnt anything this time around but it might have filled a few minutes while you wait for the kettle to boil. Either way thanks for stopping by

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