Things I value about myself are….

This month’s prompt was a deliberately chosen to push both cub and I into some deeper writing. It will also mean, if followed to the letter a more open conversation might follow in the post and offline. Then not forgetting cub might realise she is awesome.

In life, it’s often easier to write about your negative points than the positive. In fact, I have rambled on about this issue and that problem over and over again. I have never thought what am I good at or what do I value about myself. After a good think, I have a few.


I hate the phrase but it’s something people tell me I have. One my joys in life is seeing people laugh and even more so, if I have made them laugh. I like the feeling of making someone happy even if it’s for just a few seconds.

I learnt this skill at school. I was semi bullied in the early years of secondary school and looking back emotionally bullied in later school. Now, at the time you concentrate on the physical rather than the mental bullying and I learnt very quickly you can distract the dumbass with a well place wise crack or joke.

This was mainly successful and from what I have heard a lot of comedians became funny in the same sort of circumstances. I know I am not as funny as them and the thought of doing a one-person show scare the bejesus out of me. Yet, as a group of people on stage I am pretty good. Apparently, it’s in the…

One day I will turn this talent into something other than dealing with awkward situations and before cub, picking up partners. Timing.

Being odd

Similar to above, I guess. I like that I am a little odd and not wallpaper. I like being the one talking in a weird strange accent in the office and people looking at me like I am losing my marbles. Life is too short to be boring and normal, embrace the weird. Embrace me!

The oddness in me helps me come up with different and usual ways to problem solve which in my work life has been a real asset. I work for an organisation which has seen its budget cut and cut. So, finding new and different ways to do things has meant my team have continued to succeed.

It’s hard to quantify the full oddness in me, but I cherish it a lot more than something I can do or somethings I would love to do


I know kink encompasses lots of different things and means different things to different people. For me it’s less of the act and more of the deeper connection to be in a kinky relationship, especially with cub.

BK (before kink) I would often feel sex is ok, nothing special. Never really got the fascination with it. Sure, it felt good to cum. It felt good to be close to someone, but it didn’t make me anymore happy than a good beer, movie or music track. It was just ok. Then Kink came into my life.

I do have issues with feeling a little inadequate at times, the self-doubt creeps into my world. Yet I know deep down I must be doing something right. I must be making people happy when I play with them. I know cub thinks I am amazing and I make her feel amazing. I know this cos she tells me a lot, so maybe I should listen to her!


I could go on about all the things I think I am good at but that would sound boastful and so not me. Besides this isn’t a job interview… well I hope not. Here are a few things which I value but don’t need or demand a great deal of explanation, in a list form. Deal with it.

  • Being a great parent to my kids
  • A am excellent at Sensible Soccer on the Amiga (even though I am not into football)
  • Sorting out other people’s technology issues. (first person people call for that kind of help)
  • Roast potatoes (maybe this requires more explanation)
  • My Job (not that management they fully realise but my co-workers do)
  • Looking like I am working when I am not really (could explain above)
  • The Spotify Game* (when it’s the original track, I am stuffed if it’s a cover)
  • Lists (ok I am stopping here)

Being positive about one’s self is probably a good thing. It’s not very British I must admit. We do not like to boast or show how good we are at something but we maybe should do this more. I am interested to see what cub comes up with.

Genric Thumbs up as seen in your colleagues presentation, newsletter etc.


*It’s kind of name that tune but with access to 20 million tracks.

I also hope you all got the timing joke. 

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