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As you’ll remember from our last episode we were about to embark on a new chapter/journey. Our first play party. So how was it? I will let cub tell you all about it from her point of view first:

Well, it was an amazing weekend. Away from our homes and other responsibilities, I was able to focus on my Bear completely for the whole weekend, which was fantastic. Although it has made being away from him this week very difficult.

It was a very successful trip to the market. We bought a pair of new and fabulously pointy pinwheels. The one we had was not terribly sharp, which made playing with these new ones a very different sensation. We decided to get two so that He can use them in tandem; meeting and diverging and crossing over. I can’t wait to see how He includes them in our future play.

We also found some low temperature candles. We had purchased an (allegedly) wax play candle online, from Lovehoney, but I found it unbearable. It was a sensation I was very much looking forward to experiencing, and I was so disappointed. I couldn’t understand how other subs raved about it, when I found it so intensely uncomfortable. I wondered if maybe I was defective. But no, with these wonderful soy candles, I am perfectly able to enjoy having melted wax poured all over my naked body! Although we did leave purple flakes all over the hotel shower…

I am also very lucky owner of a wonderful new collar. My previous play collar had to come from Wilkinsons pet department. While it was a bargain for genuine leather, it was not the best fit, relying on an extra hole I had punched using a nail, and generally looked a little bit shabby. But now, I have a beautiful black and purple leather collar that fits perfectly and makes me feel wonderfully owned and subby. I love the feel of it around my neck, reminding me I am His. I never want to take it off.

One of the rules for the weekend was that I must get naked as soon as possible each time we entered the hotel room. I loved this; even as we settled into being our usual playful and silly selves (24/7, or even 24/2, is not for us. Bear is my Dom, my boyfriend and my best friend, and I need all of them) my nakedness reminded me of my obedience, and that I was there to please Him, any time He might want me. It was an amazing feeling, and a very enjoyable mindset to be in.

The party was certainly an eye-opener. It was remarkable how quickly it felt normal to be watching other people playing. Never having witnessed anything like it before it was at first a little disconcerting, I think because it felt like we were intruding but, within half an hour it didn’t seem remarkable that complete strangers were naked in front of us.

Our play has always been private, a very intimate experience, so it almost felt like a violation to be watching other people. I had to keep reminding myself that if they didn’t want to be watched, they wouldn’t be doing it at a party. It was fascinating watching how differently the subs were reacting; some shouting and wriggling at every stroke, others staying resolutely still, not even flinching. And the differences between the Doms were equally intriguing; some seeming to be quite cursory in their attentions, while others were focused intently on their subs, to the exclusion of everything else. I started to wonder how others might perceive my Bear and me.

The social element never really happened. We both found it a very difficult situation in which to strike up conversation with strangers. That’s not to say we didn’t have a lovely time, but next time we go, it would be nice to already know a few people.

I got to see a few new things; toys I had heard of, but never seen used. I’m not sure if there was anything we might add to our repertoire, at least not any time soon, but it was still fascinating to see.

I was struck by how wonderfully accepting this world of ours is; any (legal) age, any body shape, any dynamic, any number of kinks and deviances were all welcomed without comment or judgement. It is a joy to be part of such an inclusive  community.

I can only echo those thoughts of cub. It takes a little while to switch from everyday interactions to seeing lots of flesh around, which of course is having all manner of things done to it. From floggers to canes to things I never knew existed, yet now want to try.

There were a couple of things I did struggle with while there. How do you start a conversation with the person stood next to you, both watching the “show”? Is the weather the best opening line to go for? Should you comment on how the top seems to be really enjoying herself?

This element is gonna need some work from both of us. Yet I have have no doubt that over time, the more we get involved, the easier it will be to strike up conversation and friendships. Cub has already started this all on her own, which has made me very proud.

The other element I found tricky was my eyes; where should I put them? Most of the time they were taking in the events around me and my beautiful cub, yet occasionally I would catch the eyes of someone in a scene and I would suddenly become self-conscious, concerned I was upsetting the scene.

Overall it was brilliant. The whole weekend from start to finish was magical and wonderful, not only because we were breaking new ground for the two of us, but because I spent the whole weekend with cub. Which always makes me happy, but this weekend more so.

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