The one with the naked ladies

There is an episode of friends which doesn’t get shown very often. It’s called “the one with the free porn”


Chandler and Joey find free porn while flipping through TV channels. After hearing the sad experience from Treeger, who once had free porn and switched it off never to get it back again, the guys resolve not to turn off the TV no matter what. Hilarity ensues with the 6, somehow rich, New Yorkers.

Now why have I mentioned this. Well, in the episode after watching so much porn the boys find it hard to adapt to reality. In so far as no one is fucking at every opportunity. The lady in the laundry room doesn’t get naked and pleasure them etc. The pizza delivery guy doesn’t have a massive cock. This is how I felt after our visit to a clothed male, naked female party a few weeks ago.

Yes, this is a thing and I’ll be honest it’s a wondrous thing. Not just for the nudity, which is obviously good, but that there was a clear sense of roles. There was no denying that the situation forces this distinction between the sexes, making it evident who is in control. The men in their suits and the women in their birthday suits.

Having attended less dramatic events at this venue before it was a baptism of fire to be greeted by three nude ladies. There certainly was no easing in, it really was all or nothing and cub seemed to take it all in her stride.

Leading up to the event, cub was very worried about how she looked and how she would be while there. From my point of view, I think she is amazing. Not only for agreeing to do it, but just getting on with it. Sure, there were some nerves in the car park before we went in, but when in, she was a champion and just got on with it. No hesitation that I could see. Kit off and smile on.

As I said there is a clear definition of who was in charge. No ambiguity at all. I have to say, I had similar feelings. It was very powerful seeing all these subs being subby. All these doms being domly. Not only does it tick the right boxes in my head but also the other boxes in my… well you can figure that out. I can’t put my finger on one thing that caused it but a culmination I guess.

One part is with the higher protocol came much more playing, from the usual equipment use (which we will make use of next time we are there) to some free form caning play, to subs kneeling next to their Doms etc This gave the place a very different vibe. A much heavier emphasis on roles than at the other social event.

The other part is how proud I was and still am of cub. I know this is not one of her kinks, and I feel like I talked her into it a little. Yet she was a champion and just got on with it. No sense of hesitation or angst, just a smile. I now know she must have enjoyed it as she was emailing about the next one on the way home!

On the way home and at home, we had some brief chats about the event and what we thought of it all, but at the time it was still quite new and I don’t think we had really formulated our thoughts or ideas on it yet. Besides we ended up getting a little drunk as we both had the next day off 🙂

This also lead me to odd thing after, besides the not seeing naked people everywhere, I wanted to tell people what I had seen and done. I wanted to let people know that this is a thing and it’s bloody marvelous. I have never wanted to do that before. Maybe it is down to it being so unusual or that it just felt right, I don’t know but the want to confess was strong but not followed through with.

Overall, would I recommended it? Well yes, I certainly would. I cannot wait for the next one. So much so, I might make cub stay in the nude all weekend, if the weather picks up that is. As a cold cub is a grumpy cub and we don’t want that. Besides we have some new cups to play with. (see here)


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