The Elephant in the Conference Centre

Somebody in the community has blocked me on Twitter. I have been aware of this for a few months now, and it has slightly puzzled me. I have blocked and been blocked several times; out of frustration, after discussions turned uncivilised, or for mental health reasons.

I am not aware of having any interactions with this person, certainly not any negative ones. She is free to block whoever she wants, of course. She does not owe me or anyone else an explanation for that decision.

However, when I occasionally see our mutual friends interacting with her, with tweets I cannot see, I do wonder what I did. I do not like the feeling that I have done something to upset somebody, particularly if that was never my intention. It may be she just doesn’t like what I tweet, but to actually block me, rather than just… not following, or muting me? I don’t think that I would keep cropping up on her timeline just from my interaction with mutual friends, so it seems odd she would take that extra step.

As we are now in 2019, my thoughts are turning to Eroticon. I am ridiculously excited to be attending this year, and looking forward to meeting many of the wonderful people I have met through the kinky Twitter community, as well as spending time with several friends I have already met. Through the comments of others, I know that this person will also be attending. I know that Eroticon is not exactly a small event, and there will be many people that I will not have the opportunity to meet. However, the chances of an introduction increase greatly when there are mutual friends.

As I have said, I absolutely respect the right of any Twitter user to block any other Twitter user, and they do not need to justify that choice. But they are not usually expected to meet socially afterwards. What exactly is the etiquette? Is it the Done Thing to be polite but distant, respecting that person’s choice to not have anything to do with you? Or would that just appear to be rudeness on my part?

Is it permitted to enquire, in case it was all a misunderstanding and could be smoothed out with a little explanation, or an apology? As I say, I hate upsetting people, and if I have done so unknowingly, I would like to know how so I can avoid it in future.

Or is it better to to carry on as if blissfully unaware, being friendly and attempting conversation, knowing that the person in front of you has taken active steps to not hear from you? Unlikely to blossom into a friendship with that sort of beginning.

Or maybe I should just think “fuck it”. I’m not going to apologize for being there, and if we are introduced and they don’t want to interact with me, then they have the choice to once again remove themselves from my company.

6 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Conference Centre

  1. I personally wouldn’t worry about the block. It maybe for MH reasons or that you tweet things they don’t like. It could also be that muting someone doesn’t always work so a block is just easier.

    As for meeting them, just be yourself. Maybe don’t seek them out but if they find you just chat. You may find they’ll explain themselves but if not you’ve also lost nothing.

    1. You’re quite right, I’m probably taking it too seriously. I’m sure I would have remembered if I’d said something horrendous.
      And I’ll definitely be myself; trying to be someone else is just too exhausting xx

  2. I saw your question about this on twitter earlier and don’t really know the answer to the question. It is weird when you only see bits of a conversation, but I usually assume it is because the person I can’t see has a locked account. I have only ever actually blocked people who were offensive so, can’t help with the why. At Eroticon, as you say there are lots of people, but on Friday night lots of introductions go on. Maybe just leave it to chance and see if they say something. I have to admit though it does seem odd and probably reflects more on them than you. xx

    1. Thank you x
      I fully appreciate that I’m probably worrying for nothing, I’m sure everything will be fine. I’ll be meeting so many people for the first time, I likely won’t even realise if I do meet her.

    1. I’m looking forward to meeting you too! I’m getting ridiculously excited for the whole weekend already, I’m going to be unbearable for the next two months. xx

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