The Bucket list

Now I am not talking the 2007 Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman movie. Nether am I talking about my favorite buckets in order of beauty. Of course, I am talking about the list of things I hope to do before one kicks the bucket, shuffles of my mortal coil or pushes up daises (again not the 2007-08 Ana Frial TV series)

When I decided on this as a prompt I thought it would be rather easy. Sure, I could talk about the usual, see Machu Picchu, swim with dolphins or swim naked in marmite, but I want to be different. I wanted to talk about my sexual bucket list.

Now I have sat here and thought about what I haven’t done and what I would like to do, it’s a bit harder than I expected. Then the ones I do think about are a little corny or very boring. Which has got me thinking, am I boring?

I could bluff my way out and say that, “Well I have achieved all I want to in my sex life” but that’s not true. I could say that well I don’t want to do anything, I am happy as I am, which is true but not really in the spirit of things.

  1. MFF (I never know how you should organise the letters, I presume you go first) yeah, it’s a classic or it is a cliché. Either way it’s something I would like to do. Clearly, they would both be submissive. There is no way I am being the meat in a girl sandwich…. Well in that way anyway
  2. MFFF, well once you’ve had two I presume you get greedy.
  3. To watch a live sex show, ideally kinky fucking. There is a big voyeur part of me which would like to see people have kinky sex. There are elements which take place at the events we attend but I have yet to find the full on kinky fuckfest. I also think this kind of applies to 1 and 2. Watching cub be fucked by another girl certainly ticks a lot of boxes.
  4. To live with cub. Living miles apart is just harsh on the soul, the body and the mind. To have her 24/7 would be just wonderful and would fill me with happiness.

Just 4 that’s not good is it. I have an idea why this list is a little short, cub. It’s all cub’s fault. She is just wonderful and amazing and has ticked a lot of things off my list I don’t even know was on the list. Fingers crossed she will help me tick of more… somehow

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