Story Time

He walked out and left here there, arse up, face down. He poured himself a fresh cup of coffee and sat in his favourite chair and picked up his phone. He drank his coffee and scrolled through his news feeds liking and sharing as he goes.

Finally, after what probably seemed like an eternity he headed back to the bed room. He found her where he left her, he admired her ass as he took one more swing of coffee. The redness has subsided a little but you could still clearly the hand print on her left cheek.

“How are you doing?” he enquired, muffled sounds could be heard as she tried to say she was fine. The ball gag clearly restricting her voice, yet he knew her so well he understood what she meant without actually hearing it.

He took one more swig of coffee before placing the cup well out of the way. He perused the various floggers hanging from a rail, running his finger across each one, before choosing “thuddy”, a thick rope flogger which they both enjoyed.

He held the flogger in his right hand and dragged it across the palm of this left. Feeling the soft rope trace its way across his open hand, before drawing it up and firing it down on her waiting, naked arse. She moved only slightly as it took her by surprise but as he stuck her again, she knew what was going to happen next.

There was a slight pause again as he surveyed her arse before he started to rain down blows from the flogger. Moving from cheek to cheek as he hit varying the pace and strength so she never knew what she was about to get. Then just as she was getting into her own space it all stopped.

She listened carefully to see what he was going to get out next but there was no sound. There was no rustle of the play bag, no sound of his feet on the floor. It was almost silent. Just the distant sound of a lawn mower and the occasional bird tweet. “where has he gone?” she thought.

Thwack – came another blow from the same flogger. He was still there; he was waiting to see her body language change before he stuck again. This time the blows were harder and faster, her breathing became deep as the pain built on her now warm red arse.

He stopped again and admired his work, he softly traced his fingers across the warm rosy skin, feeling the tiny marks he had left her. As he stoked the skin his fingers made their way all over her arse eventually he traced down between her cheeks, over her arse and on to her waiting pussy.

She could feel his fingers rest on her now wet opening, he held them to tease her as she tried to push back on him, writhing and wiggling, encouraging him to push his fingers into her. She knew this never worked but couldn’t help but try. He pulled his fingers away quickly and again started to flog her arse. He laid down four sharp thwacks each accompanied by “NO”

The hits stopped again as quick as they started. This time she could hear the zips of the bag unclasp, a sound which was music to her hears, she knew precisely how the way the bag is packed and that the only things in the zips are insertables.

She listened more carefully to see if she could make out what choices were being made. She hoped for her beloved vibrator, which she had owned since way before they met. Or could it be the hard solid glass dildo to the array of butt plugs they had collected over the years. What gave it away though was the sound of a plug being pushed into the wall. This could only mean one thing – The Doxy

“Have you been a good girl for me?” He enquired as he removed her gag. She flexed her jar and opened and closed her mouth a few times before she replied. “Yes Sir, I always am for you”

His voice became more stern.  “For me? Are there others little one?”

“oh no Sir, I meant always for you, NOBODY else” she blurted out quickly.

“So you’re a bad girl with other people?”

She thought really hard about her next answer, she recognised the mood he was in and any excuse for him to punish her for a word slip was on the cards.

“I am yours and only yours. I am a polite good girl with everyone I meet. I want you to be proud of me” she replied in the hope this would be ok. She tensed slightly just in case. It must have worked as his forced his cock into her mouth.

She loved his cock and she loved it inside of her, be it in her pussy, arse or as it was now fucking her face. The rough play of his pleasure meant more to her than any of her own feelings. His hands entwined in her hair controlling the pace, his thrusting as he pushed his cock deep into her throat. She loved how it hardened slightly when she let out gagging sounds.

He pulls out after what feels like no time and bends down and kisses her full and hard. He then starts to turn her over on to her back. He could tell her hands and arms were getting tired in that position and he needs access to her pussy so he could have a good play.

He moved back to the other side of the bed and sits down with one leg each side of him. He traces his fingers down the outside of her labia with soft and subtle brushes of her skin. She wriggles, she can’t work out if its ticklish or just sensitive. She raises her hands above her head and locks her fingers together to avoid herself interfering with his wonderful work.

She starts to concentrate so as not to move, but suddenly his fingers are inside her, they fill her quickly. She loses control totally; moans of pleasure escape her mouth, her legs start to wriggle with joy.. He finger fuckers her slowly at first but builds up pace, curling each one up as he does.

She finds it all a bit much and starts to fidget. He notices and stops what he’s doing. He licks his fingers clean before kissing her again, sharing her lovely taste. She laps at his face and tongue before finding his fingers and cleaning them again.

“I think it’s time for the doxy!” He said with a smile.

The End


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