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I have been with my cub for one whole year. It’s been a fantastic year, with many an adventure into different avenues of our sexual relationship. Yet we are about to embark on a new avenue, possibly a motorway, it’s such a big thing; our first play party.

Here is the thing though; we have no idea what to expect. From reading up and seeing others on Fetlife, it would appear the one we are going to will be more play than sex. Which, to be honest, might be the best way to be introduced into this brave new world.

Now I have tasked cub with writing something about this adventure, and in turn she requested that I write something also. We have both struggled a little with how to pitch these posts. I originally requested what her expectations would be, but we soon realised we don’t have any. Never having experienced this, what can we expect?

Instead I have asked her to write why she wants to go. What is her motivation, her drive for this event? It was, after all, her idea one year ago on our second date. So I am proud to present, in her own words, cub and her motivation.

Tomorrow my Bear and I will be attending our first play party. A year after we attended the Brum Bizarre Bazaar for our second date, we are returning to the scene of the crime, but this time we are staying for the afterparty.

I have never attended a play party before, and do not really know what to expect. We have perused the event rules, know the dos and don’ts, and Bear is giving me my own rules for the weekend, but it’s all still something of an unknown quantity. A big part of being a sub is knowing what is expected of me.

Last year, I was terrified. Attending my first kink event, even just a market, was a little intimidating. But I had my Bear. Despite only meeting in person two weeks previously, He already made me feel safe and secure and we had a wonderful time. The BBB had a great, friendly atmosphere and it soon felt very comfortable. Even watching the impact play demo, there was security in the divide between audience and performance, all knowing what was expected of us. But, this time is different. I’m very nervous, so I am focusing on why I came up with this idea in the first place….

Watching that demo was undeniably arousing. And this time, there will be the opportunity to act on that arousal (within the rules, of course), for us and for everyone else in attendance. I am no exhibitionist, but I appear to have a voyeuristic streak, and what better place? And if we were to find a quiet corner to ourselves somewhere….

I would like to meet and talk to people who share this kink of ours. I have still never attended a munch, and Bear is the only kinkster I know in person (that I know of…) The twitter BDSM community is wonderful, but it would be nice to get talking to people face-to-face. I have been having thoughts recently about coming out as kinky to people I know socially. Just in the abstract at the moment, but just wondering what it would be like. I think this is born of a desire to talk openly about the things we enjoy, without having to type it into a tiny screen to be hidden from the world. It will be lovely for us to be able to acknowledge and embrace this side of ourselves in a social setting, rather than pretending it isn’t there.

I love it when Bear is dominant in public. Again, not because of any exhibitionist streak; I’m far too shy for that. But when we attended the BBB last year, I loved how His touch, His kisses, His whole demeanour shifted when He was in a more Dom mindset. I’m still surprised we weren’t asked to leave that shopping centre. With the distance, and other commitments, when we do get to see other we tend to stay in and make the most of it, so I’m looking forward to experiencing that aspect again, especially when neither of us has to hold back.

It will be an opportunity for us to learn, to see toys and techniques up close, to ask questions, to be inspired to try things we may not have considered previously. Many opportunities to be explored.

As I said, Bear has given me some rules for the weekend. We have recently been exploring the obedience side of our relationship, with me crawling, kneeling at his feet et cetera. I have enjoyed this very much, and have been looking forward to an opportunity to be submissive to Him in this way outside of the bedroom without raising eyebrows. I want everyone to know I am His, and wear His collar. I want to do well, so He will be pleased and proud of me. I want to push myself for him and be brave.

I can only add to what cub has written. There are so many elements which will be new to both of us as we attend our first event, yet I think the openness I have found at munches should transfer to play events. So I am sure we will mingle with people and get to know more and see what happens going forward.

For this event though, the rules are very clear and I have read them a few times. Not for fear of breaking them, but trying to glean some sort of inside information. Why is that a rule is needed? Would this rule not stop X or Y? Rules are part of life, and most rules are there because of previous incidents. Very intriguing.

I look forward to spending time with cub in a setting away from our usual play areas (our own homes) and see that else we might like to try or do in the future. I have a very good feeling that, no matter what happens, when we get back to the hotel there may be some activity of a sexual nature.

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