So it seems I have a kink. Part One

This isn’t really a surprise to me. I’ve been fascinated by BDSM since I first stole my mother’s New Woman magazines and read the clumsy exposés of life inside the Dominatrix dungeons.
Even at the age of ten or so, I was intrigued by the dynamic, the balance of power. The story they told was cliched; men with powerful jobs paying women to indulge foot fetishes and humiliate them, to assume the responsibility for them for an hour before they went back to offices and boardrooms. I couldn’t really understand either side of it, but I wanted to know more.
A few years later, I would read more magazines. This time they belonged to my brothers. Typical ‘lad’s mags’ I suppose, but I stumbled across an article about pet play. That part of my brain that wanted to understand sat up and took notice. From what I can remember, the female reporter had spent the day being a pony. Not something that appealed to me as a concept at the time, but the way she described the attention she received from her handler stayed with me. Gentle hands running over her, petting her, telling her what a good girl she had been. That made me go all fluttery. I wanted some of that. I started to read a little more, and I knew right away that I was never going to be comfortable in a dominant position, not for any length of time, anyway. But being tied up, being controlled, being spanked… Surrendering to someone who took charge. That was definitely more my thing.
So, I’m barely into my adolescence, never even been kissed and I’m having flutters over being spanked. Clearly, there was something there to be explored at a later date.

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