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After what seems like an absolute age, cub and I have finally decided on a domain name and finally moved to self hosting our ramshackled thoughts. That’s right, WordPress has no control over any of this site any more. We are free to do whatever we want to do. Well almost.

You will however have noticed the adult pop up thingy, when once you fist click on the site. This is sadly a requirement of the hosting company. It was a trade off between price and the pop up. We went with price as you can guess. I must admit I am not happy how that looks at the moment. Plus there are other little niggles which I will need to sort out over time. Yet that’s the beauty of self hosting is I can fix these with little hassle and nagging from wordpress. 

Tonight for example, as I was writing this post, I have gone through tons of themes looking for the perfect one. Ending up here with this one. It’s about 90% of where I want it to be at the moment. Which is better than when I started to type. 

Finally a thank you to DomSigns for his name suggestions, including the one we went for, and for some of which were… well, you know what he’s like. I will also admit I am a little disappointed cub was not in favour of rumpelstiltkink but then again. It is rather odd. 

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