Public Play

One thing that cub has mentioned a few times now is the use of furniture as part of our play. We don’t have the space or the money for large play equipment. So, when we attend events like FemSub Social Club, which has some of this furniture to use, there is the temptation to give it a whirl. The only downside, they are in a very public area.

Exhibitionism is not one of our kinks and I can’t imagine it ever being. Yet the more and more we think about it, the only way we are going to be able to use these things would be in the public forum. Which adds something to the play in a number of ways and not all positive.

Ok, if I am honest, the idea of playing in public is a bit daunting, well very daunting. The idea that people are watching what I do and how cub reacts to what I do, kinda puts me off. The connection we have when we play is very special to me. It’s just cub and I in the moment doing what we do. No outside influences and no concern for anything but cub

I worry that were we to play in public that this would somehow be lost a little, that we would be unable to get in the moment by what is happening around us. Cub has already said she would like to be blindfolded and I can imagine why. For me that’s not so simple.

I know that people will not be watching as though it’s a piece of theatre. They will be involved in their own conversations or play time. They will be doing what they do and may not even notice what is going on in front or beside them. There might be the occasional glance or peek of what is happening but not full on spectating. It’s nothing unusual to them.

For me it’s very unusual, but then anything for the first time is going to be unusual. At one time driving was unusual for me, as was my phone. With time and practice things become less unfamiliar and more ordinary and just something we do. Until this point I am going to remain nervous and worried about it.

Hopefully it won’t affect how we play or the feelings that cub has. It is something I need to get over so cub and I can enjoy the lovely furniture and experience new things. We shall see, I guess one way to prepare would be to play, play and play. Which, let’s face it, can’t be all bad 🙂

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