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I’m sure that everyone who reads this blog knows what Bear and I were doing two weeks ago. An event we enjoy has a sister event; one where the Doms wear suits, and the subs wear nothing. The rules are very strict, and we were advised this was a higher-protocol event than the one we had attended previously. This alone made me a little apprehensive. We are not a protocol couple, and I was briefly concerned that a more formal atmosphere combined with the nervous nudity would make conversation difficult for me. Ultimately, we are us and we work, and I couldn’t imagine the awesome people we socialise with at these events being all stiff and stuffy. Well, maybe stiff… 

Bear had expressed interest in the event when we first found out about it. I admit, the idea never really appealed to me. I get no sexual thrill out of being naked in public. I understand the power dynamic and why he likes the idea, but I couldn’t get passed the fact that I didn’t want strangers seeing all my wobbly bits. But we enjoyed the other events, and we would be with the same wonderful people. And I love doing things for him. I might not get a thrill out if it, but if he does then I want to make it happen. It was also an opportunity to grow, to push myself to try something that scared me, to make him proud of me. Molly and Bee were very encouraging, and I won’t pretend that a few glasses of wine didn’t help.

So I dieted, I waxed, and I worried about my shoes, and I sat nervously in the car park watching other people going in. Then, it was time. Once through the door, we saw a row of gorgeous naked ladies and I was suddenly very aware that I would soon be just as exposed as them. As Bear waited for me outside the locker room, I decided the easiest way to stop being nervous was to just stop thinking about what I was about to do, and get on with it. I had known what I was getting myself into, after all. And all the ladies were going to be in the same boat. So, knickers down, dress over my head, everything stuffed into the locker and out I went, resolutely not thinking about the fact that anyone who cared to look would see everything. 

The events we attend are wonderful. They’re well-organised, friendly and welcoming, with a really lovely relaxed atmosphere. They are fun. The venue is great (although those decorative ladies with the suspiciously vertical nipples are definitely not to my taste) and very well run. It all felt remarkably normal very quickly, although there were a few unexpected considerations. A naked sub sitting on a cold leather sofa makes some interesting noises. A leather sofa that has had a naked sub sat in it for an hour or so also makes some interesting noises, and leaves some interesting marks. There were a surprising number of different approaches to being naked. When I was first considering attending CMnf, a Dom friend of mine teasingly said that subs take a long time deciding what to wear to the event. The shoes, the jewellery, the hats, the gloves… All needed to be carefully considered. When I was choosing my footwear for the day, I discovered he had only been half joking. I had decided that if I was going to be naked, I may as well get on with it and be naked. So I wore my collar, my day collar (a bracelet cuff I never take off) some nipple jewellery, and sandals. Other subs wore leather cuffs, stockings, body chains, they draped scarves and little shawls over shoulders or around hips. But every lady embraced the spirit of the event and was intimately exposed. 

My concerns about the formality of the occasion were unfounded. While there were some guests who were more focused on kneeling and protocol, there were plenty of people who were there to relax and enjoy the company of other like-minded kinky people. Michael very kindly let us try a few suction cups, which was fascinating and left some lovely marks. Not something I had really considered trying before, but we love sensation play and these are amazing. Bear loves things that make me go “Oooh!” which these certainly did. We now have our own set. 

Bear and I have not really had a chance to talk about the event in much detail, other than to agree that we had a wonderful time and will definitely be attending the next one. I hope it lived up to his expectations. I hope I did. I hope he is proud of me. We will talk about it this weekend. Until then, my lasting impression of the afternoon is of the submissives. We love our Doms and appreciate all they do for us, but I couldn’t help thinking about how much I value getting to know other subs. We are amazing. We are supportive and brave. We encourage and inspire each other. We come in all shapes and sizes, and we are all gorgeous and sexy. We are often hilarious and always fascinating and articulate. We stand naked in a draught to get food for our fully clothed and sweltering Doms, because we love doing things for them. It would probably sound ridiculous to anyone outside BDSM, but it’s part of who we are and I think we’re brilliant. 

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