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Hello dear readers. How goes it? Yes, it’s been a while, but you know how it goes, life gets in the way. I thought though it’s time for a poly update. As you will remember, last time we left the dramatic scene, we had a bit of a disaster. You can read about that here […]

KOTW – Speculums

Any sort of medical play has been a hard limit for me since I entered this world. The idea of latex gloves, cold exam tables, and specifically anything involving a speculum has always given me shivers, and not the pleasant kind. Having been stapled by Domsigns at eroticon this year, I am happy to make […]

Love Bites

  I missed the cut-off for Kink of the Week, but hey, I’d already written the post, so Fuck It.  I miss the innocence of love bites. There is something very nostalgic about them. They hark back to another time in our lives. I was going to say a less complicated time, but if my […]

My first boobday

At Eroticon, I had the very great pleasure to be invited to join Hyacinth’s Big Boobday picture. It was a brilliant experience. I’m very proud to have taken part in something with so many wonderful people, with so many beautiful boobs. Thanks to Missy. for the awesome picture, to Hy for Boobday and to Molly […]