No Ugly

As I set the monthly prompts you would think I had some sort of idea about what I wanted to say or that I had a rational behind the prompt to tease some info out of myself or cub. Turns out this is not the case. Turns out I just pluck them out of the air in the hope over the month something will inspire my creative fingers or juices, both are filthy. This month is no different.

Let’s break it down, so let’s start with Bad (as you always want to finish in a high point)


As there is no context in the prompt to what area of life it refers to, I free to talk about everything I think is bad about the world at large. Brexit, Xenophobia, Trump, The treatment of immigrants fleeing war, hate spach, sexisum… I could go on and on and on about how shit 2016 seems to be. At least it’s better than 1916 and at the time of writing 61 days until 2017.

Yet what I want to talk about is something more personal to me. Something which is bad to me and bad to cub. This is distance and situation. Distance is a bitch the situation is messy. Let me explain briefly.

Cub and I live around 90mins apart. Not a massive deal compared to some other who have fallen in love across borders. Yet it’s enough to require careful planning and the arranging of calendars to make sure we are are both free at the same time. This also means there is little spontaneity in when we see each other, plus there is this feeling we should maximise our time together.

What maximising our time looks like we don’t really know, it’s just that feeling we should be off doing something and not just lounging around the house.  Yet just being in each other’s company is great and so wonderful. Snuggles and cuddles are much easier when at home, as are other physical activities

I don’t’ think we will ever shake this feeling while we live apart at such distance. Yet here is the real rub of the situation. Living together is not an option in the short and probably medium term. We both have roots where we live and can’t uproot everything as it will affect others around us, mainly the kids and their other parents.

This for me, casts a shadow over our relationship. It hangs in the air that while we are so good together it can’t be more than it is currently. Which is hard, as I want to be with cub all the time. Being away from her puts pressure on the relationship sometimes and being together resets all issues, it simply makes things better.


I have to look at positives with our situation… Some people would kill to have a wonderful, sexy and brilliant cub and free time alone to do as they wish (kids allowing). Every time we are together I am thankful of those random tweets we exchanged, which have lead to this most brilliant relationship.

It’s just so amazing that we work so well as a couple despite all of the bad above. I am thankful I met cub as cub makes me more than I thought I could ever be. She not only looks after me when I don’t even realise I need it but she lets me look after her whether she needs it or not.

It’s hard to define what is so good about us, it just works and has worked since day one. I know going forward it will continue to work, it’s just how we deal with the distance.


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