Me and my Beard

When I saw the kink of the week for this week I had to respond. How could I not? I am Hairy Dom, after all. My handle and synonym say it all.

I have had a been able to grow a beard from around 11 or so. Not a full, lush beard I have now, but a fair go for a young boy. No dark lipped, half-arsed attempt from me. I was the first to mature at school so I was a benchmark (the one I now know people aspired to) yet at the time I was very uncomfortable with it.

As a kid you are excited to start shaving; it means you are becoming a man. You are growing up; you are finally reaching the golden age. Yet as you get older, shaving becomes a chore. A daily face beating as you try and hold back evolution (which is real folks)

I would often go to school/work with a red rashy neck from using an electric shaver and then by 2pm I would have a stubble shadow once again. So I switched to wet shaving where the blood would run free as I tried to get rid of all my facial hair. The way my hair grows is not uniform, so I would end up running the razor over the same spot numerous times, resulting in the red mess.

Eventually, after I took a year out at 18, I decided I needed to shave less as my face was just being killed with the daily scrape. As it was the mid 90’s a full fluff face was too much for some. So as a compromise I went with the goatee. Keeping my chin and top lip nice and warm on cold nights, but keeping the rest shaved….well mostly.

What started as a goatee slowly went to a full-on beard, for causal use. If I was going out or had to be smart, I would revert back to the oval shaped beard reasonably trimmed without too many stray whiskers. This was how I rolled for the rest of the decade and into the late noughties.

Around the middle of the decade I decided once again enough was enough. I could not take the constant itch, uncomfortableness and frankly scary red neck. I stopped shaving. I stopped everything. I didn’t even trim. It became a woolly mess. A proper birds nest of disarray.

I have since discovered a number of grooming products which means I can keep my beard in check. I no longer look like a Wookiee (in the face at least). I try and keep it under control as much as I can. It’s not a hipster beard by any stretch, and is often trimmed back to a soft brush feeling without the length off the chin.

I am not into grooming it but have tried the new oils and waxes, but ut due to a minimal length they don’t seem to add anything. They smell nice though. Although I don’t think anyone has gotten laid cos of a “lovely smelling beard”!

In the time I was single, the beard was only ever an issue for one person who, despite talking to me for ages about her kink, didn’t want to meet as I had a beard. I found that odd. As I said, my name should have given that away. I am not going to be a Hairy Dom with a clean-shaven baby face*

For me growing my face hair wasn’t about being more attractive or cos it’s trendy. It was simply out of a desire not to hurt or destroy my face.  Yet it has seemed to increased my attractiveness. Some people love a beard and cub is no different. She even won’t let me shave it all off for an event we have coming up. She has become attached to my beard (not in a fuzzy felt kind of way).^

I can only presume it’s that evolution thing again at work. Men with hairy faces are “clearly” more masculine and better at hunting, gathering and fucking.  I can only voucher for one of them as I have never had to hunt or gather. Unless shopping counts?

I am approaching forty at rapid pace, and with that the creep of white is starting overcome my hair. I have patches of white on my head, beard, and even my pubes. My beard is and has been a kind of magical mix of many different colours. It’s how I would imagine Joseph’s beard would look, to match his dream coat.

Now it’s turning white it looks, I think, slightly better than the varying shades of black, brown and ginger it was. It never matched my head hair which is a light brown or my body hair which is black. It clearly couldn’t make its mind up on which colour it wanted to be.

Finally, yes I have used my beard during oral sex for extra pleasure. The tickle on the thighs or the hairs brushing against the labia as I work my own skill and style. From the feedback I have had it seems to work very well. I say feedback, I mean results.  🙂

*Yes when I shave it takes about 10 years off my age. People think I am younger than I am anyway. Hopefully it still pushes me back into my 20’s… ok early 30’s

^I would like to add that while I am very attached to my Bear’s beard, it isn’t a kink or anything. I don’t have an attraction to beards; just His beard. He doesn’t look like him without it. – cub.

6 thoughts on “Me and my Beard

  1. My Dad tells a very similar story to you about shaving and the red raw itchy skin that resulted. he gave up shaving in his 30’s when I was a little girl (I don’t remember him without a beard) and has never shaved since. He is now nearly 80 and still rocking the full beard!

    Thanks for joining in with Kink of the Week, hopefully one or other of you might join in with some of the future topics.


  2. i like your perspective on this, i am indifferent to men’s facial hair–i am more interested in the man–but i have always been intrigued by the maintenance of it…

    1. The last few years I’ve seen more kits for beard grooming than you could imagine. I like my beard as is, not smelling of watermelon 🙂

  3. My partner tends to destroy his face when he shaves too so now it’s a weekly, at best, occurrence but usually monthly or when we go to an event.

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