Magic Numbers

The number 3

Last weekend was CMnf one of our favourite events to attend, not just for the company but also the sights. What’s not to like about seeing naked ladies and I guess men in suits. Although this time around there was something different.

Having attended these events before and it’s sister events. We have become very used to seeing people play. Not only does it fit into my voyeur kink but also provides an inspiration on things to do to cub.

Yet this time around not only were there the usual kinky activities on male Dom, female sub, there seemed to be an increase in subs playing with other subs. Ranging from a little helping hand to 3 girl shenanigans on a spanking bench. It was all very new and frankly exciting.

This all turned both cub and I on. So much so, cub couldn’t wait to tell me what I missed because of where I was sitting. Saying how much it turned her on and how it played into things we’d discussed previously about inviting a 3rd to join us.

In the past when we’ve talked about this, it’s always been a fantasy. The details and mechanics used to get each other either off or into the mood. The idea that we eventually try and make it happen some distance away. Yet CMnf seems to have awoken the desire to move forward in both of us.

Now that’s all very good but wanting something but getting something is all very different. Where do you start to organise something like this? How do you find the 3rd or unicorn? Who the feck is going to want to do this with us? (yes elements of self doubt always creep in).

Clearly I have zero answers to any of these. The obvious response to some would be try munches, the internet and dating/kink/swinger sites, maybe write a blog post about it. Yet I wouldn’t know where to start.
We don’t want to be that couple that messages every women on the off chance they want what we do. We want something organic I guess. Something we are both happy and comfortable with at every step.

Have you been through something similar? How did you achieve your desired outcome. If you have any ideas please feel free to let us know?

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