Living the Dream 

Bear and I are watching (and very much enjoying) the new Westworld series. Two episodes in, it has sparked some interesting philosophical discussions. Why do rape and murder seem to be so high on guests’ to-do lists? It’s a fascinating element, particularly to me as I have a long-standing interest in abnormal psychology.

What are the lives of these people like, that they deliberately seek the opportunity to act out these atrocities? Would they have abused or murdered real people if the hosts of the park were not available to them? Would the carte blanche of the park trigger acts of violence in the real world that would otherwise never have happened?

I asked Bear if he would, hypothetically, want to visit a similar park, and if so what would he do there. We both found the idea the freedom to explore and experience without consequences intriguing, but Bear mentioned the fact that whatever you did while you were there, it would stay with you. Mentally, emotionally. This lead to contemplating what exactly would attract a guest, what enticements and opportunities would tempt someone to visit such a place.

Violence seems to be a draw in the series, but certainly not for us (nor, I hope, for many in society) but what else? I reasoned that, after all, it would have to be something pretty extreme or you would do it in the real world. Bear pointed out that ‘extreme’ is different for everyone. And of course, it is.

There are people out there who live wild, decadent lives full of broken taboos and edgeplay, and don’t think anything of it. And there are those who go from day to day, living full and happy lives but wishing, yearning, longing for kink. People who may adore their spouses, but don’t know how to broach the subject, or have tried but received a less-than-enthusiastic response. People who are single and intimidated, afraid of acting on their desires.

For some people, immersion in the impossible, artificial, consequence-free world depicted in the series might seem like their best chance of experiencing the things that Bear and I get to do every other weekend. That some of you reading this will enjoy every day. We are all so lucky to have this in our lives. To have our Dom(me)s and subs, to have our amazing kinky friends, to have our events and play parties.

I am grateful every day that I have my Bear. Because that place looks expensive.

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