As you may know, cub and I do not live together. We have a distance relationship which one day we will upgrade into a full “living together” status-type deal. This makes a number of things in our relationship tricky, but we have found ways around it to make it work for us.

Now, I know some Doms feel differently about rules and tasks. With the distance in place, rules and tasks can often be used as a reminder to the sub that the Dom is still in charge, albeit from miles away. I have not been keen on tasks per se. That’s not to say I don’t make cub complete them from time to time, but it’s for different reasons than people sometimes expect.

The last task I told cub to do wasn’t really a task. As you can imagine, we don’t see each other everyday, so I like cub to be super hyped to see me. I add to this by not allowing her to  play with herself for a week before we met. Last time I also added in some edging. Just to make her really wanton. Sadly that weekend didn’t go to plan. Maybe more on that another time.

When it comes to rules, I don’t have many for cub; in fact I only have one. When she is allowed to masturbate (which is at all other times) she has to make sure she makes me aware. This can be completed either before the event or after, or possibly during. When this rule is broken a punishment must happen.

When we meet next, sadly for cub, she will be in for some physical punishment. She hates not being a good girl and hates not doing what is required by the rules. Recently she failed to tell me she had masturbated to orgasm because she fell asleep immediately after. This makes cub a bad girl.

I will tell Sir when I pleasure myself for I am his

As I said, there will be physical punishment for this oversight, but that couldn’t be carried out for 2 weeks. This makes cub very, very anxious as she doesn’t know what will happen and she will have it hanging over her. So to help her I have made her complete some lines.

This transgression was the first in 9 months. The last time it lead to a sore bottom and 100 lines. Today that’s been upped to 150 lines with the VERY sore bottom to follow. cub is not one for pain, so she will be feeling uncomfortable as we have a wedding to attend that same weekend. She may even prefer to stand.

It’s not something I like doing to cub, but I have to enforce the rules I set down. Plus, each infringement has to be met with sterner punishments in the hope that it will encourage cub to follow the rules at all times.

As our D/s relationship develops and moves forward we may find more rules are needed, or that when we move in together we have no rules. I just need to nip this in the bud now… and no, nipping the bud is not the planned punishment 😉

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