I never thought I would… HD Version

I never thought I would… that’s quite a prompt. Unlike the others I have used, this one leads down one path really. There is no “well it’s kinda linked to that”. It can only be what I never thought I would do or be doing or have being done to me. So where do i start?

Way back in the mists of time when I was not a Dom, or at least had no idea what one was, I never really thought about doing things of a sexual nature that were not the average usual thing. Now what an average usual thing is, I guess is open to interpretation and is gonna be different for each person.

For me it was straight forward intercourse with some oral thrown in for good measure and, at the time that was ok. My sex life was never going to be a “page scroller” of a blog, you see what I did there. Yet I was happy with it. It made me happy… well at the start anyway.

Then began my BDSM adventures and things started to change. My perceptions of what was sex became more open and more challenging of the “norm”. I hate using that word but it’s the best I have, and it’s much like a good stereotype, it gets the point across without too much effort.

As my horizons were expanded so was the list of things I wanted to try. It became a big list and has continued to expand as things are ticked off and new ones added. There are even somethings which don’t make the list as I am still considering them or know they are not currently achievable. (cub I am sure will be asking when she reads this what they might be)

Yet right now there are things I never thought I would be doing. From attending events to spending my time with someone who I am completely open with and who wants the use of certain tools and equipment on her. Then of course there is the thing that cub does to me that makes me, for want of a better way to say it, makes me make some rather odd sounds.

Now I know dear reader you are gonna wanna know what this thing is, being the curious and frankly excellent person you are. I can confirm it involved cubs wonderful tongue and a part of my body but not my cock. She has become skilled at doing this thing that it makes me cum VERY quickly and hence, brings forth some very odd sounds.

I never thought I would want anyone to do this, I never thought I would find anyone who would try this but my gosh it’s pretty fucking amazing now I have experienced. The down side is cub has mentioned I get a little greedy with it and tell her to do it a little too much. When something feels that good it’s hard not too.

As our relationship moves forward I am sure there will be other moments and actions like this. Things I was not sure were right for me or cub. Yet the more we play, the more we explore our kink and each others, the more I think there will be more things we never thought we would be doing yet find ourselves somehow doing.

If only I knew what they where so we could be doing them already.

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