I love…

I am a very lucky Cub. I knew this already, but when I read the prompt that my Bear had chosen for August, I was struck by just how many different things I could write about in response. There are so many things in my life that I love, and I would like to thank him for reminding me to reflect on them, and appreciate every one of them.

But which one to write about?

I have gone backwards and forwards about this all month. Which of the many aspects of our relationship should I focus on? Should it be about the shared interests we have discovered? The quiet moments on the sofa? The chaotic times with the kids? 

Given the nature of this blog, it would make most sense to focus on a facet of the BDSM dynamic we share. But even here there are so many to choose from.

 I love the way he reads my reactions and understands what needs to be done. Sometimes I will be unable to orgasm and won’t know why, but he does. He knows what I need, and holds me down, holds me tight until I see stars and disturb the neighbours.

I love the way we have developed an understanding when it comes to the tone of our play. Certain words or gestures let the other know they can push harder. Suddenly everything becomes more intense, and I think our little signals give each other the confidence to push that we wouldn’t otherwise have.

I love the way we communicate, discussing ideas and compromises. The fact we can do this gives me so much hope for the future, both for our continuing kinky adventures and the more mundane decisions we will have to make.

I love the freedom I feel when I am with him; the freedom to be slutty and wanton, to ask for what I want, to behave in ways I wouldn’t have dreamed of before we met. I know he won’t judge me or ridicule me.

I love my Bear. He is a wonderful boyfriend, and a fantastic Dom. I love how he looks after me, in so many ways, and I love looking after him. I love how our attitudes mesh, and I love how well we fit together.

I love being his.

Additional; for more detail of just how lucky I am, please see Bear’s post from today

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