I Love Baked Beans

There are many things I love in this world of ours. I won’t list them all here but I am going to give you some highlights.

Like that was ever in doubt. We are so good for each other I still have trouble coming to terms with it all. She some how puts up with me in all my many forms from Dom to boyfriend to technical adviser to depression sufferer. Each side of me she takes in her stride. No concerned by any of it.

There are many many reasons to love cub. I know she is hoping I put hem down in words for her to see but it’s hard. Where do I start to even begin to describe my partner in words which are fitting for her. There are some things which even I can’t describe. She is extraordinary and I love her.

I cannot lie, I do like my cock being sucked, my balls being licked and my hands holding her in place. Not only is it a wonderful sensation but the slight power advantage of holding her there unable to breath as she takes by dick adds up to so much and often a very happy finish.

I think the world would be a much worse off place without music. I have often thought I would rather loose my sight than my hearing. As long as there is a way to control and add music to Spotify I would be all set.

Oh wait I have already said cub. Well she is great and I do like to play with her in as many different ways as possible. She even made her own flogger a few weeks ago. She is so good with her hands! I am super excited to be going to Femsub with her in a few weeks time.

I know I don’t do well with new people but she seems to excel. Yes I know this does not fit the Stereotype of a Dom and I don’t care. Cub and I work so well as we fill in each others grey areas. Where I am not so good at in life she is brilliant, and where she is not so good at being a grown up, I seem to be able to help with reasonable skill.

I think it’s our partnership I love the most about us. We are are partnership despite our titles and proclivities. We communicate and decide together on the majority of things. It’s only when we are in Dom/cub mode do we fall into a D/s roles and even then they are our own. My kink is not your kink and that’s ok.


The title might not make any sense but that’s tough

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