I have all the best words – Communication

It’s rather clever this internet thing, well you know that already but you try telling a teenager about how life used to be before the web or BW and they will snarl at you with their usual “meh” expression.

If it wasn’t for the internet I wouldn’t have met cub. This I am sure you already know and if you don’t well you do now. We have been courting for almost two years now and not a day goes by when we don’t communicate in some way, usually through the internet.

You see living so far apart you have to find ways to ensure you are still, and I don’t like the next expression but I have to use it, touching base with one another. Not just on a D/s level but on a basic human relationship level.

She is my partner and I want to be with her as much as I can. I won’t list the many ways we stay in touch cos that is just boring but each works for us from twitter to WhatsApp to this very blog. We stay connected wherever we are.

For me I often find it a little easier to communicate though these digital channels not cos I can hide behind a screen but I can spend time crafting my words and choosing the right ones for what I am trying to say.

Sure being dyslexic has it’s draw backs, especially when it comes to the spelling and some of the grammar, but cub knows me well enough to interpret what I am saying, well trying to say anyway. Which makes me love her even more.

Yet what do we talk about? The method of communication is not as important as the message, or so I am told. We have been very careful from the start to be as open as we possibly can with each other when it comes to our relationship.

We won’t hold things back until they eat away at us from the inside, we are more than happy to address issues (the small ones we have had so far) by talking. This methodology has been learnt the hard way from previous relationships. We are intent on not repeating the same mistakes again.

For me this has been brilliant. I don’t feel I need to hind or stifle what I say, sure I need to think about how I say things, but I have no issues saying something. For some people this would be expected but I came from a dark place where I felt low and depressed, unable to express my thoughts or feelings. Somewhere where I was not part of any consideration when it comes to me.

Now, however I am unrestricted, open and willing to express things to cub. I feel I can be honest and open with her about anything in my life and vice versa. We don’t have resentment and bitterness about each other because we deal with things as they come up. We don’t feel like we can’t talk cos of the other person.

Communication is key to a healthy relationship, and ours is ready for the Olympics

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