Happiness is a weakness

This month’s prompt is about weakness. Well to give it, it’s full title, _____ is my weakness. So, what should I fill the ___ with. I know as a Dom I am not meant to show weakness, but I call bullshit here. I can show what I darn well please thank you very much. I don’t have to stick to convention and conformity. No thank you. Anyway, what is my weakness, besides cub obviously. Well I am not really sure. The dictionary definition of weakness is:

1. the state or quality of being weak; lack of strength, firmness, vigor, feebleness.
2. an inadequate or defective quality, as in a person's character; slightfault or defect: 
to show great  sympathy for human weaknesses.
3. a self-indulgent liking or special fondness, as for a particular thing
 I've always had a weakness for the opera.
4. an object of special desire; something very difficult to resist:
Chocolates were her weakness.

I guess, I have a weaknesses for normal things just like other people. Maybe not chocolate but coffee or meat wrapped in pastry, yet you are not here to read about, that’s the stuff that goes on a “normal blog”. You are here for the smut of sorts. My weakness, then I guess is emotion, or rather the expression of emotion. Ideally positive emotions but I am happy to see most others.

It’s difficult to put into words what I really mean, as I don’t really understand what it is that makes me feel this way but I know I love to see people happy, I love to see people in pleasure and even more so, in ecstasy. Let’s take porn as an example… bear with me here.

When I watch porn, whatever kind of porn it is, whether it’s the usual run of the mill stuff (if there is such a thing in porn), or BDSM stuff, I am not concerned with close-ups of genitalia going into other genitalia. I am way more interested in the facial expression, of the lady(s) in the scene or the sounds of her/their enjoyment if it’s a “standard” scene. I want to see and hear the enjoyment she is having, with her partner. Frankly she could be being tickled with a sock full of feathers, as long as there is enjoyment somewhere I am happy. Yet when it comes to kink, I have to change this slightly.

With the kinkier stuff, sounds and facial expression again is way more important than insertions or the physical act of something. Yet this time it’s not just pleasure but anything associated with pain or discomfort for the girl. Yet there are rules here for this to work for me. I guess it could be called a moral code of sort. If I get the sense the woman is being exploited or they are not really enjoying this deep down. The whole thing can flip in an instant to just ewww. No thank you.

I have to know and believe that deep down, somehow this person is enjoying what is happening to them. I have to understand that this is not a real life situation, of sorts, this is a scene between to consenting adults doing as they set out to do. No one is in actual peril and things can stop at anytime. This is why I like the Kink.com and its affiliates videos, where there are interviews before and after. Yes, I know the video carries on even after I’m finished.

You get a real sense they really are going to enjoy what is about to happen. They find it a turn on to have X or Y done to them. This is backed up by the questions before the scene. So when you actully watch the sense, there is never a sense that they were not enjoying it, never a sense they felt forced and never a sense they are being exploited. Throw in the “Oh my loved I loved it when he did…” interview at the end and you get a real feeling delight was had all around.

Having attended Fem Sub a couple of times now, when I hear those lovely subs in the throes of pain or pleasure, it has the same effect on me. I feel very happy, ok I feel a little excited… ok, I feel very excited and happy. Yet when I hear cub making those same sounds, it’s just beyond words.

So overall, my weakness is happiness in others. Their happiness, makes me happy and often in a D/s relationship when the D is happy the s is happy and when s is happy the D is happy and so on and so on. It’s like an eternal circle of joy.

Now some music as I can’t get this out of my head after writing this.

Oh and because it’s all about weakness I have some 90/00’s indie pop stuck in my head too.

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