Got to wear wellies in this blog

Warning – this post rambles like a bearded pensioner in the lake district.  

When it comes to this blog I would say it’s somewhere I can go and be my true and utter self. There is no need to put certain views or thoughts behind a self-censorship wall. I can just be who I want to be and be that with cub.

The other reason I blog is I like writing. I like putting finger to key and tapping away, getting whatever is in my noggin out. Have written so much in the past and not published but it usually because I think it’s a bit rubbish. The other reason is often down to content.

When I write I don’t plan out what I plan to write, I just have a rough overview of what I want to say and let the flow do the rest. This can at times head into some weird places. Sometimes that’s kink, sometimes it’s just the crazy in my head and sometimes its unhappiness at others.

Writing about other people and their actions are often challenging for me to publish. Take the current mood in the UK where there is a clear divide of people from Leavers to Remainers. Each seeming unhappy with the other lot and causing tension across this isle.  I have views and thoughts on this but I would not write about them due to idiot responses I would get.

Being a closed person I like using the blog as an avenue to explore who I am and let people know what is actually going on in inside my head. Even these prompts are a way of cub and I communicating without the forced questions. I’ll admit so far they have summed up what I thought already but it’s nice to see.

Going forward I would like to pick up my kinky writing again and write a story or two. I don’t do details well but I think I draw a good enough picture to get people going and it’s always a frantic pace. I also want to do more Sinful Sunday with cub. We don’t often get the time together to plans these out but going forward it’s something I really want to push.

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