Forthcoming – The Future post

Clearly the expected post, with a prompt like that, would be to talk about what cub and I have planned for the future or even how I see the future panning out with us. Clearly that’s not what I am going to do cos I am not that kinda person. What I will talk about is how Artificial Intelligence could be the death of us, as in so many Sci-fi films have shown and it’s even something Stephen Hawkins has warned of.

Still with me? Good, I lied a little I am going to write about cub and I why would I write about anything else? As it’s the first post in the series I thought I would write more about why I have asked cub to do this and why I am doing this and what we hope to get out of it.

I have blogged for a while in many different forms. From writing short form erotica to writing about my thoughts and feelings in kink, to just writing for me, getting thoughts out is like therapy but without the expense or the faux leather couch to lay on.

For me I often find it easier to write my thoughts and feelings despite my dyslexia, then having a conversation. Writing means I can make sure I have the right way to say things rather than trying to pluck the right word or phase out of thin air which means less “words are coming out all weird”.

When I asked cub if she would want to start a blog with me she jumped at the chance. So what do you know we created this blog. I still have a standalone blog for HD but it seems much more appropriate to write here. (as an aside I also have a “vanilla” blog which I have been writing on for 4 years or so. That is just for me, although some people on Pinterest seem to like one post)

Anyway, we don’t always know what to write on here and most of cubs posts have been because I suggested them or we had a particular event or milestone to write about. I think we could write more and I want to read more of cubs writing as she develops her own voice in this crazy world.

So for me the idea of having a reason to write and knowing cub is writing too is one not to miss. I like to see what’s in cub’s head as much as I think she likes to see what’s in mine. This way we get to see a little more of each other without actually having to talk… we still talk just to be clear, you get the idea.

As for what the rest of the future holds? I have no idea but if its anything like the present and past with cub I am sure it will be spectacular, wonderful and downright brilliant.

Stay tuned for more Monthly Words or whatever it’s called as at the time of writing we are still searching for a title. Inspiration Corner, Phase of the Month.


PS So we have found a name for this and it’s My First, My Last, My Everyword.

3 thoughts on “Forthcoming – The Future post

  1. I love my blog. It’s my way of getting my thoughts out there, it’s therapy, it’s another way to communicate with Sir with my words and photos and it’s also a wonderful way to talk to people who ‘get me’.
    When I started I had no idea what I was going to write about, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped me.
    I look forward to reading more from you both 🙂

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