FFSSC – First Fem Sub Social Club

Earlier in the month cub and I attended our first FemSub social club. We had previously been to the after party at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar which but this was our first time at an event where play was possible. They had some nice looking furniture to play on but it felt a little cliquey.

There were also strict rules around actual sex. By rules I mean NO SEX. Before we attended that event it felt odd this was the case. For cub and I, sex is entwined in our play and our dynamic involves sexual activity, well we are grownups. Yet Femsub is different.

So we were aiming to the there for opening time. We had already had a lot of discussions about what to wear, ok ok, I had a lot of discussions about what I was going to wear. It’s tough when it’s a themed event as this was (Summer Fate). I am not the easiest person to dress in costume and look convincing.

Anyway, we managed to find the venue despite after a little confusion due to it only being accessible from one side of the road. Here the nervous kick in, I decide against what I am wearing again and we head inside.

We tell the door our names, well our @twitter names, and are offered the guided tour. First thing we see is a lady in just pants. Nothing says hello to an even like nudity. We are then shown the tour of the venue, where the hot tub is, the lockers and the private rooms etc. You soon realise this is a high-end swingers club.

As it’s held in a swingers club you are able to play as you wish, either in public or private, with the public furniture provided or in the private bedrooms. The freedom to be D/s as we saw fit was not only refreshing but freeing. Yet that’s not why we attended.

First and foremost, it was our chance to meet people who we had only ever talked to on the internet and to meet new people who share our lifestyle choices, for want of a better phrase. It was a chance for us to be who we really, which is usually kept away from others. Here we could be ourselves.

We even got the chance to see what was in @DomSigns bag of tricks which was both interesting and full of “oh that’s a good idea” and equal “holy fucking shit no way” moments. I may have taken inspiration and ordered a little something for cub to enjoy. Sadly, it’s coming from China so we have to wait.

It was lovely to meet so many people on the day and chat to them in a much more open forum than online. I wish there was more time with them though so that’s why we are back in December for the Christmas event. I cannot wait.

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