Fantasy Island

I was reading a few weeks ago, a post by The Beautiful Kind about “The Beast’s” 40th Birthday celebrations. You can read about them here. It got me thinking, well by thinking I mean dreaming. He’s one lucky dude.  I mentioned this to cub and I described the post and what took place that day/evening. What happened next you won’t believe… sorry, I have been reading too much click-bait. 

Anyway, the post lead us on to the discussion of fantasies as I said, that whole day would have been wonderful. Not just having so many women there but just how relaxed everybody was with what was going on and with themselves. I find that incredibly horny when people are so in touch with themselves. It’s something very special.

Clearly, I am not some ladies’ man who could ever replicate The Beast’s birthday besides, since meeting cub my poly days are behind me. (that’s another post waiting to happen. I have the title “Poly Gone”). Maybe I should aim lower if I ever want something like this to happen. 

Cub and I have spoken about having a plus one with some very strict rules as a fantasy. I would be the Dom (I know, surprise) so my word goes. I also have a preference that this would be with another female sub, as I have this thing about Doming cub to pleasure the +1 how I see fit. Plus the fact cub has never been with another woman as some boundary pushing which I love too.

Now before I hear the “typical bloke” banded at me, in my head I wouldn’t be physically involved that much. Like I said, I would Dom but that is it. I don’t feel the need to have these two wonderful ladies pleasure me, it’s about them getting pleasure from each other and me getting pleasure from that, or 3PP (3rd party pleasure) as I have now named it. 

Seeing cub’s face pressed against a pussy gives me thrills thinking about it. Seeing cub finger-fucked makes me smile and seeing cub make someone else cum make me VERY happy. However, I can imagine what cub is saying in her post or what she is saying as she reads this, something about getting it wrong and not being any good at it.

I have lots of faith in cub and I know she can achieve more than she thinks she can. Since we have been together she has done things she never thought she would and we continue to push what can and can’t be done. So, I know she is open to trying new things and 99% of the time they work a treat. This means I can’t share her concerns from that side. 

Now, clearly +1 does go against the usual conventions of monogamy, but as I said I was previously poly. cub however isn’t and never has been, and I know for sure would have issues with +1. Hence why as mentioned there would be strict rules which would need to be followed. I am happy to abide by these as I want the experience to be as enjoyable as possible for cub and not have her worrying about that, as I know she would be worrying about other things.  

Anyway, this is all just fantasy, something which sits inside our minds and is used to get off on. I am not ruling out this happening, but at the moment it’s not something we are actively searching for and logistically it’s a nightmare. However, if the right +1 came along and things fell into place… Who knows?

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