My first boobday

At Eroticon, I had the very great pleasure to be invited to join Hyacinth’s Big Boobday picture. It was a brilliant experience. I’m very proud to have taken part in something with so many wonderful people, with so many beautiful boobs.

Thanks to Missy. for the awesome picture, to Hy for Boobday and to Molly for wrangling everyone, and for Eroticon in general.

A black and white picture of a group of about two dozen topless women, all with their hands over their faces


3 thoughts on “My first boobday

  1. Such a fabulously fun photo . . . and though I wasn’t able to be there this year, I know from previous visits that this photo just encapsulates the fun and sense of community that Eroticon brings.
    Lovely !!!
    Xxx – K

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