Date One is Done

Date One of our new exploration seemed to go rather well.

As you might be aware, cub and I had a date last weekend with a kinky poly submissive. It’s safe to say it went rather well with time flying by. However as we’ve not discussed sharing events yet, I’ll be brief.

We had arranged to meet in small coffee shop between our two cities. You know the type super trendy filled with hipsters. I was surprised the coffee didn’t come in jars. Although I could get a mug of flat white, which is rare and so good.

We arrived early because that’s what we do. Ok mainly it was so we could do some reconnaissance prior to the meet or we couldn’t find the place. We had been there 10-15 before she’d arrived.

Having only seen here in photos online, there was that slight moment of, is this her but we overcame that very quickly and settled into some polite chat. You know the “getting to know each other type” of chat.

Time just flew by and soon we were on to more excplict conversations. Discovering more and more info about each other as well as everyone’s kinks. Clearly I might have inside knowledge of cubs.

After two coffees, a suggestion was made to get some air. Plus as the direction of the conversation was heading to a much more of a sexual nature. The close coffee shop was probably not the best place to discuss.

After a brief cold walk we found a pub and carried on the conversations. It’s safe to say things moved quickly once inside. We ended up setting a second date, arranging to attend twisted and meeting her husband.

What we thought would be a short date, ended way later than we had expected. It was so easy and comfortable to chat with her and didn’t, for me anyway, feel awkward or forced. Which was such a relief.

I guess I’ll update more in a few weeks when we go on date number 2. This time on home ground (for cub). I have a slight feeling this time will be just as nerve-wracking as the last as we move forward on our journey.

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