Dancing in the Dark – Rabbit

The unusual heat in the bed woke Rabbit just as the first light of the morning crept into the room. For a few moments she lay still, waking up slowly and getting her bearings. It was rare for her to be awake before him. He was definitely more of a morning person than she was, and he often had time to shower and have coffee before she stirred.

On those mornings, he enjoyed waking her by spinning her round and pushing his cock into her warm mouth. He loved the moment when her initial startled resistance disappeared, and she sucked him eagerly.

She remembered the previous day, when he had woken her in this way before spreading her thighs and pushing his fingers into her pussy, sliding in and out, working her clit until she was squirming, and whimpering around his cock.

The memory was enough to make Rabbit’s pussy pulse with lust, and she wriggled a little in the warmth of the bedclothes. As she did, she felt the sleeping body lying next to her shift position, and an idea occurred to her. Since she was awake first for once, it would be a pity to waste the opportunity to wake him up in such an enjoyable way.

Carefully, she extracted herself from the tangle of limbs and positioned herself next to his thigh, tucked into a crouch as she leaned across to gently move the covers back to reveal his cock. She didn’t suppress her smile at the sight of it; while his erections took her breath away and made her see stars as they filled and stretched her, she always found his soft cock to be slightly adorable, a dormant creature that she would coax out of hibernation.

Rabbit got comfortable and very gently stoked the length of his cock with her fingertips. After a few passes it began to thicken under her touch, lengthening as her hand grew bolder. The skin was warm and soft over the hardness beneath.

When Rabbit was satisfied that she had enough to work with, she leaned over a little more and guided him into her mouth, not sucking, just holding him in the warmth and wetness, sliding her tongue along his length. A snuffling moan of pleasure escaped his lips, and Rabbit glanced up to see if she had woken him.

His eyes were closed and his body was relaxed, but his breathing let her know that if he wasn’t awake already he soon would be. She hoped he would be pleased with her. He had never once told her off for sucking his cock without his permission; he loved the fact that she was always eager for it, and there was always a hint of pride in his voice when called her a greedy little cock-slut.

He loved that he could bring that out in her. Still, she always felt a little hesitation when she took charge, even when she was sure it would bring him pleasure.

Rabbit felt movement further up the bed and glanced up. The eyes that met hers were not his, but those of Fox, watching keenly in the half-light. Those eyes were what had earned Fox her name; the first time the three of them had fucked, she had eyed Rabbit eagerly, with the focus of a predator hunting.

He had said afterwards that she had looked like a Fox that wanted to devour his little Rabbit, and it had stuck. She was a marked contrast to Rabbit, lithe and confident with an air of fierceness, where she was quiet and cuddly, exuding comfort and warmth.

Fox watched intently for a few moments, then slid gently down the bed to take up position on his other side. Her hand reached across to tuck Rabbit’s hair behind her ear, then moved to cup and gently squeeze his balls.

Rabbit, knowing how much he liked it when his girls shared, released his cock from her mouth and started to move back to allow Fox her turn, but Fox’s hand stopped her. Fox ran her tongue along one side of his erection, and Rabbit tentatively licked the other side.

They had never done this before, but the warm encouragement in Fox’s expression gave Rabbit confidence, and together they kissed and licked his cock and stroked his balls.

Already aroused, Rabbit was increasingly turned-on by the situation. She found Fox incredibly beautiful and sexy, but was still very timid when it came to acting on it. When all three of them played together it was different, because he made the decisions and gave the instructions.

She felt her tongue slide alongside Fox’s as they reached the tip, and gave a little moan of pleasure. The next pass, they lingered a little longer, their tongues massaging each other as well as the head of his cock. Before long, deep kisses punctuated their licking, and then replaced it as they became caught up in the shared sensation of warmth and desire.

They jumped apart at the sudden sound of a throat being cleared, and looked up to see him awake, with a stern look on his face and an eyebrow raised. His voice was rough with sleep as he spoke.

“Aren’t you two forgetting something?”

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  1. This is brilliant. I really enjoyed it and your description is spot on. It makes me want to be there 😊

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