Dancing in the Dark – Fox

Fox watched a flustered Rabbit suddenly straighten up to kneel with her eyes downcast, her hands resting on her thighs. With a little less urgency, she assumed a similar position on his other side, albeit with a slight smirk playing on her lips.

“Sorry Sir” Rabbit breathed.

“What are you sorry for, Pet?” He asked in a measured voice.

“I wanted to wake you…” Rabbit’s little voice petered off.

“You wanted to wake by sucking my cock?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And you were sharing it when you got a bit carried away?”

They both nodded. He rested a hand each on their thighs, rubbing gently up and down before taking hold of Rabbit’s hand and squeezing it reassuringly. She looked up and smiled at him, and for a brief moment, Fox felt like she was intruding.

“You aren’t in trouble, Rabbit. That was an amazing way to wake up, thank you. Now, my beautiful girls, shall we continue what you started?”

Fox glanced over at Rabbit and saw her own eager anticipation mirrored there. She leaned towards her and stole a brief kiss before she felt the sting of his hand landing on her arse and heard his grumble of “I meant me!”

She flashed him a grin before joining Rabbit, who was already nestled between his legs and enthusiastically licking his balls. Fox took him deep into her mouth, making him grunt and curse under his breath and she knew she was forgiven. Positioned as she was, she had to adjust the angle of her body to be able to reach him properly, and this meant that her rear end moved closer to him. She moaned around his cock as she felt his fingers teasing her pussy, stroking and rubbing her clit, flitting around her entrance until she spread her legs wider in invitation.

She was rewarded with two fingers plunging and twisting inside her, making her cry out in such surprise that his cock slipped from her mouth. Instantly she doubled her efforts, sucking frantically as he fucked her vigorously with his fingers. To steady herself she gripped his thigh, and a moments later she felt Rabbit’s fingers interlace with her own. Fox felt a little swell in her chest, and felt a rush of joy that she had found two such wonderful people who had welcomed her into their life.

His fingers slipped from her cunt and tapped on her butt, directing her towards him and she had a little internal wriggle of delight when she realised that he wanted to lick her pussy. She relinquished his cock as she manoeuvred herself into position above him, and Rabbit eagerly took over.

Fox reached down and caressed his balls as she felt his breath on her clit. He teased her with gentle flicks of his tongue until she was squirming, but he wrapped his arms around her firmly, holding her in place. She stroked Rabbit’s cheek, and when the she raised her face kissed her deeply before resuming sucking his cock while Rabbit went back to licking his balls and lower.

Now that he had both his girls pleasuring him, he stopped teasing Fox and buried his tongue in her pussy, flicking over and nibbling her clit, licking and suckling and growling, devouring her hungrily until her thighs were quivering. Unable to concentrate on his cock, she threw her head back, her moans growing into cries and her whole body tensed as her orgasm exploded. She shook and gasped as the waves of pleasure slowly receded, and collapsed onto him.

They caressed Fox’s skin, Rabbit stroking her arms and hair, him focusing on her thighs and back. warm and gentle touches along her bare skin. She hummed in pleasure at feeling so many hands on her, and was reluctant to move. His shifting underneath her brought her back to herself, and she carefully climbed off him. He swung his leg over Rabbit who was still crouching between his legs, and he stood at the side of the bed, his cock swaying heavily.

Dazed and jelly-like, Fox heaved her body up to kneel next to Rabbit and awaited his instructions.

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