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Crackers for under crackers

Knickers to you. Pants to others, and undercrackers to some oddities. There are many names for one’s undergarments and many styles. I am partial to the jockey shorts; snug fitting and no wedgies. Maximum comfort over style. Others like the full on wedgie and the G-string. They just don’t suit me.

Anyway, this post feels like it has two halves with no apparent link, but I assure you there is a link and not just pants. Hopefully it will be apparent by the end of the post because there are many things about the female underwear which I love. Let’s start with the accidental sneak peek.

Part One

You know the score, you are out and about in the supermarket, looking for the essential spice for your favorite meal. You look over and there is a woman crouched down. Looking at something on the bottom shelf. Her shirt slightly lifted, and her jeans slightly lowered, and her pants exposed for all to see.

Now you don’t want to look. No, that’s wrong. You do want to look but you know you shouldn’t. Seeing her there and her choice of pants, this little disclosure reveals a lot about the person in front of you. You can build a character just on what pants they are wearing. Yet you know it’s wrong and borderline voyeurism to look and it wasn’t what you expect in Tesco today, so you continue your shop.

However, you reach the artisan coffees and she is there. You now have a face to the pants. A person to your naughty view. Does she match the pants. This is a little awkward… well just for you, as she has no idea the sights you have seen.

Part Two

There is one thing with pants which I have yet to do. Well two, but I am rolling them up together… oh wait, it is literally rolling them up. I have always want to roll them up and use them as a gag.

There is a scenario in my head, where I yank down her underwear and force them into her mouth to keep her moans muffled while I have my wicked way. The idea that her used musky pants are now all she can taste and smell. There is something so delicious and filthy about the idea and the pants. It gives the dom in me a warm glow.

The other scenario is very similar, again we have rolled up pants but this time they are not heading to the mouth… well not just yet. This time they are heading for her wet pussy to be covered in her juices before she has no choice but to taste her own wetness on the thin material.


I will be honest, pants turn me on. I think the reason I like the above ideas and thoughts is that knickers are so personal and despite the supermarket adventure, rarely seen. They live so close to the most sexual of organs, that they are always going to be tied to sex in my head. I mean, my first wanks were to clothes catalogues and the underwear sections. Clearly I think that’s played a part in what I like as an adult.

It could also explain why I would find it more of a turn-on to see a women in her pants than in the nude. With nudity the full form is there. There is no imagination on what might be hiding behind the cotton white knickers and that takes some of the fun away for me. Then you have the G-String/thong which covers the front and accentuate the ass. (I will not say Ass-entuate)

While I am not into lingerie as such, I am certainly into pants and I don’t just mean getting into them and I won’t even start with my love of #Lingeanuary when pants turn up.

Who else is talking knickers? Why not take a look via the link below


3 thoughts on “Crackers for under crackers

  1. Ha! So you and Michael share a youthful use of the underwear section in clothes catalogues. And I totally get what you are saying about pants and yes, a furtive glimpse of them is deliciously sexy and me personally I feel much sexier with them on than totally naked it is why I am a bit meh about CMNF


    1. The idea of CMnf is great but after a while, the novelty wears off. Don’t get me wrong naked ladies are cool but scantily clad ladies more so.

  2. I think the catalogue pages were my first real understanding that women looked far better than men and I may or may not’ve had my first wank to them too.

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