Grey Peas Kinda Week

I often wonder how do you start a blog post. Today I am going to write whatever comes into my head no matter how odd or strange this might be. I also won’t change the grammar only the spelling. I have to give you a fighting chance to understand the madness that sprouts from my […]

Cobbled street empty of people

The Situation

I am working harder than at another time in my job at the moment. Yet I can’t talk about what I do as the “man” gets grumpy. My colleagues and I are just about holding some parts of the system together. I only say this as to explain my thought process about where we find […]

A collection of screen grabs showing Sexism Trailers

The Sexism Trailers of YouTube

The other day I was wandering around YouTube, as you do, and I stumbled across a page of trailers. Now I love movie trailers, in fact as a kid I always wanted to be the person who made them. Cutting together the next brilliant movie to tease people to watch. The thrill of a good […]