I feel amazing when… I bet you can guess.

Now this blog post could go a number of ways. Once again I could just list things which cub does that makes me feel amazing, I could look into a couple of things more closely and analyse why I find them brilliant or I could start with the prompt and end up somehow completely different. […]

I crave….

Crave is, to me, one of those strange words that quickly loses its meaning and becomes just a noise. Let’s take a look at it… crave kreɪv verb feel a powerful desire for (something). synonyms: long for, yearn for, hunger for, thirst for, dream of, want, set one’s heart on, wish for, lust after, covet, […]

Things I value about myself are….

This month’s prompt was a deliberately chosen to push both cub and I into some deeper writing. It will also mean, if followed to the letter a more open conversation might follow in the post and offline. Then not forgetting cub might realise she is awesome. In life, it’s often easier to write about your […]

Kick the bucket 

I am unconvinced by the idea of bucket lists. I understand the reasoning behind them; compiling a list makes us more likely to put in the effort to achieve our goals, rather than just having some vague intentions. But do they really? With no reason to believe we are running out of time, don’t we […]

The Bucket list

Now I am not talking the 2007 Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman movie. Nether am I talking about my favorite buckets in order of beauty. Of course, I am talking about the list of things I hope to do before one kicks the bucket, shuffles of my mortal coil or pushes up daises (again not […]

The one with the naked ladies

There is an episode of friends which doesn’t get shown very often. It’s called “the one with the free porn” Plot Chandler and Joey find free porn while flipping through TV channels. After hearing the sad experience from Treeger, who once had free porn and switched it off never to get it back again, the […]