KOTW – Speculums

Any sort of medical play has been a hard limit for me since I entered this world. The idea of latex gloves, cold exam tables, and specifically anything involving a speculum has always given me shivers, and not the pleasant kind. Having been stapled by Domsigns at eroticon this year, I am happy to make […]

Love Bites

  I missed the cut-off for Kink of the Week, but hey, I’d already written the post, so Fuck It.¬† I miss the innocence of love bites. There is something very nostalgic about them. They hark back to another time in our lives. I was going to say a less complicated time, but if my […]

Hanky Panky Spanky #KOTW

There is something about spanking. It was where it all began for me, the first taste of something wonderful that made me want more. Since realising that I was, in fact, a submissive, I have had the opportunity to learn about and try lots of different things, but spanking is always there, always in the […]

Where I belong 

My Bear doesn’t have me kneel for him often. We aren’t a high-protocol couple; I don’t have poses or positions to assume, we don’t have specific rituals, he doesn’t inspect me or anything like that. He’ll have me kneel on the bed as he makes final preparations. I kneel and wait with my head down, […]

Me and my Beard

When I saw the kink of the week for this week I had to respond. How could I not? I am Hairy Dom, after all. My handle and synonym say it all. I have had a been able to grow a beard from around 11 or so. Not a full, lush beard I have now, […]