Magic Numbers

Last weekend was CMnf one of our favourite events to attend, not just for the company but also the sights. What’s not to like about seeing naked ladies and I guess men in suits. Although this time around there was something different. Having attended these events before and it’s sister events. We have become very […]

Future Here

Only me

Hello, only me. Cub mentioned that I haven’t written anything for ages and that she likes to read my poorly written prose. So can you guess what I am doing… Oh wait..you will already know what I am doing, as I would have finished and published this by the time you have even read the […]

Tumble the Tumblr

Recently I rediscovered Tumblr and it’s arty world of often in b&w porn. Having not visited for a long time I took my time to go though my feed, if that’s what it’s called, to find images which I found either interesting or sexy. If you follow me on twitter I’m sure you’ll have noticed […]


As you may know, cub and I do not live together. We have a distance relationship which one day we will upgrade into a full “living together” status-type deal. This makes a number of things in our relationship tricky, but we have found ways around it to make it work for us. Now, I know […]