The Dichotomy of Kink

It’s hard to find the time. I say this for many things; mopping the floor, writing complaint letters, filing, the list goes on. It’s an excuse and I know it. I have the time. But I also have Netflix and a very comfortable bed, so… But for my Bear and I, it really is hard. […]

Build Me Up Buttercup

I am never sure how a buttercup could be built up. It’s a living, breathing organism. Do you bolster it with Lego bricks, glue other yellow flowers to it, or simply tell it supportive and nurturing things? I like the latter. I In fact, this is what I am here to write about. Over the […]

Collaring a cub

I found out this weekend that I am Collared. This may sound bizarre, but I wasn’t actually aware. For Christmas, my beloved Bear bought me a necklace, which I have worn almost every day since. Privately, I have thought of it as being like a collar; I feel undressed without it, I find it very […]