Build Me Up Buttercup

I am never sure how a buttercup could be built up. It’s a living, breathing organism. Do you bolster it with Lego bricks, glue other yellow flowers to it, or simply tell it supportive and nurturing things? I like the latter. I In fact, this is what I am here to write about.

Over the last few days, while cub and I are apart (a sadly regular occurrence when you live in different cities) we have been discussing our kink, where we are going with it, and what we have planned for the future.

We have talked about attending some events including FemSub Social Club, a CMnf event and more local munches. This got off to a sticky start as somehow all of these seemed to take place when we were otherwise being grownups and child wrangling. After some negotiations with the other stakeholders in our kids lives, we think we might have cracked it, meaning more events can be attended.

As mentioned before, this is a big thing for us. Despite being a Dom for a while, I still feel a newbie at times. Feeling like I have lived a sheltered Dom life but, as all good people, I am always willing to learn and experience new things and with my cub. The this next year will surely be one of new things.

I think because of these we also discussed our own dynamic and our D/s relationship. We are Dom and sub (or as we prefer Bear and cub) but we also have overtones of Daddy and little. It’s not something we put a label on, as we are us and we work VERY well, but sometimes it’s only natural to see where we fit in society, just this time it’s Kinky Society.

Reading up on Daddy/little dynamics it would appear I am a Daddy Dom through and through. This is not what I set out to be but what I am as a vanilla and this crosses over into my kink. I like to nurture, look after and make sure the people I care about are OK.  This is sometimes to my own detriment but I am always thinking of others.

With cub, I love making sure she is ok, helping her with the daily grind of being a grownup and offering advice and help wherever I can. I do whatever I can to make her life better, even when it’s miles away. This I see as basic level “looking after” of the person who I love. Add in she is MY cub and we get the full Gold “looking after” package which is exclusive to her and only her.

This year is going to be amazing fun and possibly terrifying too. Hopefully in a 99/01 split. Knowing cub as I do, she will need me to protect her and care for her more before we attend these events. The build up just as we enter somewhere new for the first time is something we both look forward to and dread. Nervous energy coursing through us, making us worry, but together we are stronger than alone. We are Bear and cub, and we build each other up, not buttercups.


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