4 keys

A trip to the wellness bar.

I must have started this blog post about 100 times. This being number 102. It’s hard to put into words what is going on in my brain at the moment. So, this post may be the most jumbled messy thing you have ever read (excluding the DaVinci code). I have struggled this year with my […]

Grey Peas Kinda Week

I often wonder how do you start a blog post. Today I am going to write whatever comes into my head no matter how odd or strange this might be. I also won’t change the grammar only the spelling. I have to give you a fighting chance to understand the madness that sprouts from my […]

Cobbled street empty of people

The Situation

I am working harder than at another time in my job at the moment. Yet I can’t talk about what I do as the “man” gets grumpy. My colleagues and I are just about holding some parts of the system together. I only say this as to explain my thought process about where we find […]