Bear and I went on an adventure this month. After a few false starts and scheduling hiccups, we found ourselves embarking on our second play event. Quite a change from our previous outing, this one took place in a swingers club, with many more opportunities for naughtiness. I was incredibly nervous for the few days beforehand, and was grateful the lovely organisers had included a cake competition so I had something to focus on. Once we arrived, we were given a quick tour of the venue and facilities, and soon bumped into a few people I know from my local munch. It was lovely to finally be able to introduce them to Bear, after going to so many munches on my own. Being able to introduce him as my Dom, not just my boyfriend. Not something I’ve been able to do before. It’s so lovely to not have to conceal such a fundamental part of our relationship.

We didn’t play this time, not even in one of the private rooms. Next time, though. The equipment is far too tempting not too. I’m no exhibitionist, but I looked longingly at the benches and frames, imagining Bear strapping me in and turning my bottom pink. I might not particularly want others to see my wobbly bits, but I’m proud of my submission to him and that matters more than my inhibitions.

I was also reminded of one of the things I love most about the kink community; it’s by far the most accepting I’ve ever been a part of. Any age, any size, all are welcomed and respected. Clothes were shed, bodies were exposed, and nobody blinked an eye. It quickly became a new normal. It’s wonderful to see so many women being so comfortable with their bodies, confident in themselves. I wonder if this is a result of kink. Since meeting my Bear, I have become much happier with my body. There is still a long way to go, but he tells me frequently that I’m beautiful and sexy, and I don’t doubt that he believes it. One day, I might believe it too.

Far and away the best part of the day was finding out that some of you lovely people don’t actually live in my phone! It’s quite a strange experience to meet somebody for the first time but there is a little voice in the back of your head that goes “I’ve seen your penis” or similar. But that is all part of the new normal I was referring to. We were treated to a tour of the fantastic and inventive toys @Domsigns had brought; some of which were demonstrated on poor Molly. It was the joy spending an afternoon getting to know the people behind the tweets a little bit better. We are paid up and ready for the Christmas event, and looking forward to seeing everyone again. If you’re also going to be there come say Hi. I’ll be the very happy (and slightly nervous) one sitting with the bear.

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