Hanky Panky Spanky #KOTW

There is something about spanking. It was where it all began for me, the first taste of something wonderful that made me want more. Since realising that I was, in fact, a submissive, I have had the opportunity to learn about and try lots of different things, but spanking is always there, always in the arsenal. Snigger.

Bear and I have floggers and paddles and other implements, and I love it when he uses them on me. I love it when he keeps me guessing, and I love the different sensations. But sometimes I miss the feel of him. The toys put him (literally) at arms length and I crave more contact. With a spanking, he can be so much closer, touch me so much more. My bottom doesn’t always enjoy the process, but the rest of me does.

As much as I love close contact with Bear, we don’t do over-the-knee spanking. We tried it once, early on, but I couldn’t relax. I felt too precarious, perched on his knee like that. That was also the same weekend I asked him to spank me hard. I wanted to prove to myself that I could take it. It was like a point of honour. I remember the first time he left marks, little bruises on my bum, floggers don’t leave bruises, I was ridiculously proud, and twisted round in front of the mirror to admire them.

Recently, Bear has started spanking my pussy more often, something that is incredibly effective. We can be lying next to each other in bed, cuddled and relaxed, and with a hand around my throat and a few spanks on my pussy he can reduce me to a squirming horny mess. Something about it taps straight into that feeling of being a naughty little slut, and I’m wet and willing in seconds.

Yet there is a flip side too, this is when we come to the punishments. It’s amazing how the same physical sensation can feel so different, purely because of our perceptions and feelings about it at the time. I loathe punishment spankings, and I am very appreciative of the fact that I haven’t had very many. But each one hurts, very deeply. The sting multiplied by the knowledge that I have earned each one by disappointing my Dom.

It’s unrealistic to think that I might never have another, but I can hope. I try not to let him down. Not wanting the spanking is at the bottom of the list of reasons why, but I can’t deny it’s on there.

Spanking doesn’t require any special equipment. It lets you take everything back to basics, strip away the toys and implements, and the prop, leaving just the Dominant and the submissive. It’s seems so simple, but is so versatile. A Dom can use it to make his (or her) sub feel so many different things.  It teases, excites, punishes and pleases.
Far be it from me to tell anyone how to “do”  kink, but to me, it is one of the most fundamental acts of BDSM, and I couldn’t imagine a relationship without it.


5 thoughts on “Hanky Panky Spanky #KOTW

  1. I also love having my labia slapped – not too hard and certainly not with any implements, but with a bare hand when I’m aroused, it’s exquisite.

  2. I am in on the pussy spanking too – also like you it all started with a spanking for me, made me realise what I wanted

  3. “it is one of the most fundamental acts of BDSM, and I couldn’t imagine a relationship without it.” Absolutely yes to this!


  4. I never really thought much about spanking before this week’s prompt, but I find it fascinating to learn how versatile hand spanking really is.

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